Payday 2 is a game that even after playing a seemingly endless amount of time, leaves you with the impression you have only just scratched the surface, with the choice of tactical or fast paced gameplay, you as the player always have options, not only just in gameplay style; there are a huge variety of unsuspecting businesses for you to steal from- a personal favourite of mine being the Art Gallery, with laser trip wires and well placed security cameras Payday 2 doesn’t go easy on you. After dying several times I found myself taking a snail paced tactical approach scouting out each room from the roof, peeking through the glass panels unnoticed by the guards below. I noted down the locations of all of the cameras and the paintings that I was tasked with stealing and went about the operation. I died. At firsts I thought that it was no big deal I had everything noted down and when i went back to repeat the operation it hit me; the game is randomised, this means that the cameras are never in the same place  unless you are incredibly lucky; this also applied to the trip wires, guard placements and even the location of the door that allowed access to the camera room. After battling these shape-shifting buildings for another few attempts i decided I needed backup, I managed to get a friend to agree to come and attempt the seemingly impossible mission with me and 30 minutes later the mission was complete.

It became evident that Payday 2 heavily relies on being a multiplayer game, you see when playing single player you have the option to have AI crew members (you can have up to three); now this might have been ok, however the AI is seriously lacking in the ability to act as functioning criminal; many times I found myself sneaking around the Gallery unnoticed and when looking back to find my fellow squad members they appeared to be stuck in the bathroom (or at least attending to some business). Now I am not saying all AI in the game have issues, the enemy AI is quite functional and gives you a worthy challenge…Very Worthy indeed, going back to my point PayDay 2 is a multiplayer MUST as playing alone is frankly too difficult for your average (maybe below average) gamer such as myself. Don’t let the difficulty put you off though, if you can gather a squad (even with two of you its great) the game can be a ton of fun; there are so many different weapons, masks and other various tools of destruction that you can spend hours just in the store menu and i think the whole system of being able to customise your character is spot on; and with full controller support this game gives you choice, and thats Payday 2’s biggest triumph is that the game revolves around you; you can choose what heist to undertake, you choose what your character looks like (my personal favourite is John Wick) and you choose your approach, now all you have to do is give it a shot!


  • Gameplay8
  • Multiplayer10
  • Graphics8
  • Difficulty8
  • Replay Value10
  • 8.8


    Payday 2 is a game that even after playing a seemingly endless amount of time, leaves you with the impression you have only just scratched the surface

Matt is a Singer/Songwriter who enjoys all things music related, but has also been a gamer since childhood. Matt grew up playing Super Mario Bros and Pokemon on his GBA and plays all kinds of games from Action/Adventure to Horror, to RPG's and many more. He now writes video game reviews for the Redacted Network.

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