Final Fantasy XV

With a lineup comparable to that of GTA, you’d think that the series has been growing ever steadily ever since it’s birth in 1987 but that hasn’t been the case for the last few games, and some players hope that the newest entry can bring the franchise back to it’s former glory.

Final Fantasy XV’s story is heavily dependant on the player having watched the movie Kingslave: Final Fantasy XV and Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV, an animated tv series. Without watching the two separate medias, the player might feel lost at the best of times, and completely confused at the worst of times. Even for the fans who have seen the movie and the show, the story is very hard to follow and some major moments aren’t even shown on screen.

Although the story is a mess, the more realistic world of Final Fantasy XV is a breath of fresh air for the series, even the graphics and art style have been cleverly designed to create a more immersive and enjoyable experience overall. When compared to previous titles, even the outfits the characters wear are more true to the real world, and if you were to show a screenshot of some parts of the game to an unknowing viewer, they might even think that the game was in fact a more mainstream title, unrelated to the Final Fantasy franchise completely.

The best part about the game is it’s production quality, the whole game feels very polished and during our play-through we didn’t discover a single bug. Some other players have reported minor technical issues, but nothing to disturb the flow of gameplay or ruin the experience.

Another strong point is the game’s progression system, your actions in the game influence your attributes and it all ties together very well affecting everything from your health to magic.

One weak point that we discovered was the spell casting system as a whole, it seems very last minute and isn’t as good as many will have hoped. It doesn’t however affect the game’s stellar combat mechanics, which are a joy to play with and make the experience that much better.


  • Story6
  • Gameplay9
  • Soundtrack6
  • Graphics8
  • Replay Value7
  • 7.2


    Final Fantasy XV is pretty good, but only for the fans, if you’ve played all the games, watched the movies and the tv shows, you’ll have a blast and Final Fantasy XV will be the most enjoyable entry into the series since the early games for you.

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